About Us



     “When the artist lays his hand on the clay, fear is only on the one who draws or dreams… But if all this comes together, the Mad Priest will be reborn…” (from The Fire Papyrus Catechism)

     Mad Priest Miniatures is a small association in Romania and the first one dedicated exclusively to the production of figurines and tools dedicated to figurine making. It all started in 2020 somewhere in the winter, when the First Three made the decision to join forces to start this project. Since then the project has undergone several changes until today it has reached its final form. We are super pleased with the collaboration with Scale75 (Spain) who helped us with the resin casting of our models as well as the exemplary collaborations with masters in the Romanian wood industry. We have sought from the first figurine, exclusively Romanian, to help enthusiasts of this art, by creating materials and textures ready printed in the figurine, as well as by the impeccable quality of resin. Also for the first series of “Mad Priest” figurines we come with a new concept for the “collectibles” enthusiasts.  So, the first figure can be made in two ways (good/evil) and the next chapter of our story will have two figures, either you will choose the power of good or why not, you will choose the path of darkness. Each figurine will be accompanied by a booklet with the corresponding chapter and at the end of the series, you will have a whole story.


     About the First Three and those who helped with the project:


Bogdan Simionescu – Graphics Concept, Sketch Graphics

Cosmin Costian – Master Concept, Spin Doctor

George Crutescu – Master of Support, Gentle Giant


     Special THX:


Paul Deheleanu – 3D Sculpting

Silviu Gurbanescu – 3D Sculpting

Pavel Iacob – Wood Master

Petre Negut (Scale75) – Cast and Advisor

Maria Petrica – Elementor

Anita Kevorchian – Inside Assembly Instructions

Cristian Rizescu – Webmaster

Matei Moroldo (RIP) – Photography

Daniel Cozma – Label Concept


And last but not least BIG THX for our Mad Priest Girls for all support!!!


The Unbelievable Journey of The Mad Priest

     In the fourth twilight of the Black Sun, Giroldin felt the call of the two roads.  Swinging tangled, he took to the path of the earth. He was dressed in a bizarre robe puffed up in the shadow of the sun and at night the robe turned a brighter green than malachite. His wooden staff aided his unsteady gait and in his left hand he held his cursed totem. A diabolical weapon, a string of dark thoughts, a decalogue of hate. Only one artifact can keep the world in balance, the scroll at his belt. As long as the paper is not destroyed, the flames of evil will not destroy the world, nor will the light darken the earth. The Priest’s journey is up to you, let him find himself, choose between good and evil, only he is the Mad Priest…